Trent Adams Properties

Represented by Tori Boysen

Winston-Salem, NC

Trent Adams Properties

Founded in 2016, Trent Adams Properties, LLC is a spinoff of Abba, Inc., Adams Egloff and Avant Properties. With more than 75 years of combined construction experience, the Trent Adams team is making an impact on the home landscape at Brookberry Farm. As North Carolina leaders of high-end, custom residential construction and renovation, they have established a strong reputation in a wide range of neighborhoods throughout the Piedmont Triad thanks to the veteran team’s expert workmanship and superior attention to detail.

When someone asks Trent Adams Properties to build their dream home, they take it as a personal challenge to provide their clients with an avenue of decision-making regarding cost and value. Trent Adams Properties offers a series of quality control checks to ensure the best practices are used during construction—all with a no non-sense warranty. The energy and precision the Trent Adams Properties team brings to the custom home-building process makes it a positive experience and creates memories to last a lifetime.

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